Setting Intentions w/ Crystals

We’ve had quite a few people tell us that when they started their spiritual journey’s, one of the many things they struggled with was figuring out the best way to set intentions with their crystals. They were going around in circles with all the different recommendations and weren’t sure which one was truly the right way. Honestly, it can be quite deflating when you’ve researched the absolute crap out of something and still don’t find a definitive answer. But that right there is your answer.

There is no one right way to set your intentions. Everyone tweaks it to suit themselves. What works for Bob, might not work for Jane, if you catch my drift. So, we decided to write a blog about it! Hopefully this will help you in figuring out the best way for you to set your intentions in to your much-loved crystals.

The one thing you’ll absolutely need is a crystal! (Obviously, genius!) However, which crystal you are working with matters. Setting the right intentions with the right crystal is important. You wouldn’t take a Rose Quartz and ask for help in repelling negative energy. Rose Quartz is about universal love. So, in saying that, find the main properties of your crystal (most come with a meaning card) and work with that information to help you set the right intentions.

The next thing you’ll absolutely need is to know the intentions you’ll be wanting to set into your crystal. This could be literally anything, but we do recommend steering away from wants, and only focusing on needs. There are many different suggestions on this next part. Speaking your intentions. We recommend doing what you feel most comfortable with, use your intuition. If it’s not feeling right, it’s probably not. Everyone has their own little way, it’s time to find yours.

The most common two we have found would be:

- Speak as if you already have what you are asking for “I am loved” “I am happy” “I am protected”

- Ask your crystal to help you with these things “Please bring me love” “Please help me to be happy” “Please keep me protected”

Once you know the intentions you want to set, it’s time to set them. It’s argued about the best way to hold your crystal. I’ve heard holding in your left hand is for energy in and your right hand is for energy out or releasing (yes there is a difference). Others have said hold it in your dominant hand. Hold in both hands. Place it on your third eye. Place on relevant chakra. LOTS. OF. DIFFERENT. WAYS!


This is you and your crystal. You hold it however you feel is right for you. If you want to hold it in your butt cheeks and do the chicken dance, you go right ahead! It’s about connecting with your crystal the best way for YOU!

And, if you have any issues or just want someone’s opinion (we’re great at giving those haha) just flick us a message and one of us will get back to you as soon as we can.


Good luck with your intention setting lovelies!

Love & Light

Merin xx