CHAKRA: Crown | Third Eye

STARSIGN: Aquarius | Pisces | Virgo | Capricorn


PLANET: Jupiter


BENEFITS: Meditation | Psychic Ability | Spiritual Growth | Creativity | Family


Amethyst is the best for all types of healing. This energy booster kicks all those nasty addictions to the curb! If you’re taking that huge step forward on your journey of recovery, this baby is for you! Heck, it’ll even boot your toxic partner to the streets if you throw it hard enough! (side note, we don’t recommend physical violence!)


Known as the Master Healer, it also has a few other punches to throw. Don’t take this little purple crystal as a pansy, she’s a boss in her field! She stimulates creativity, boost productivity and gets the juices following with your psychic abilities too. What CAN’T Amethyst do?!

Amethyst | Tumble

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