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When making a booking, select a time and day that best suits your availability. When you purchase a reading, the email you provide will be the form of communication we will send your reading to. The day before your allocated time, we will contact you to confirm your booking and give you the opportunity to let your reader know of anything specific you would like to channel in your reading (certain person, specific topic, etc.). If a reply is not received before your reading time, your reader will send through the information that came through for you.


We have multiple forms of payment available. Payment must be made at the time of booking. If your payment is not finalised, your booking will not be held.


If you wish to reschedule your booking, you must contact us before midday the day before your reading. No guarantees can be made that your choice of date and time will be available to you but we will try our very best.


After you have received your reading, you have 3 days to send through any questions you have regarding your reading up to the amount indicated on the price list. After 3 days you will be required to purchase a new reading for any further information. Connecting with the other side can be exhausting so setting limits is necessary.


These will act like a subscription. Every month for the amount of months you purchase you will receive a reading. Once you've received the reading you will be able to ask 2 follow up questions each month regarding the reading (please see 'follow up questions').


Subscriptions are paid for upfront. At the time of purchase you will pick a date and your reading will be emailed to you on the same date each month for the number of months in the subscription you have purchased. If there is something specific you wish to channel for the upcoming month, please email us at info@kamalaandco.com the day before your scheduled date. If no email is received from you, your reader will send through what information is received for you in the reading.


Please remember, this is guidance from the path you are currently walking. This could change if you choose to lead in a different direction. If you aren't happy with the outcomes seen for you, work towards avoiding them hard enough and they will certainly change. At the end of the day we all have free will for a reason.

Readers can at any time refuse to provide a reading for a number of reasons. If your reading is cancelled by us, you will receive a full refund. If the reading is cancelled due to any type of abuse received, no refund will be given.