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In 1999, Lisha was Merin's first friend at a new school. From there they became like furniture at each others homes. They not only grew physically together, but also mentally and spiritually. These best friends have been through the best and worst times of their lives side by side. So I guess it makes sense how they ended up here.

Kamala & Co all started with a text. From there it has blossomed into what we know today. These two have argued over tissue paper, cried over nothing (mostly Merin… ok, only Merin), and shared excitement over opening their first box of stock! They have spent an uncountable amount of time on the phone, sitting at the back table, googling, researching, creating an entire business all while living three hours apart. What started as a text, has now grown into a fully-fledged business, and these two women could not be prouder of what they have created together. This is their baby. This is the child they are raising together. This is the business they will continue to love and grow and hope that they brighten many lives with what they have to offer.



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Merin began seeing spirits at an early age, however she didn't embrace it until she was in her 20’s. She was surrounded by spirituality with her sister also a medium, and her mother a tarot reader for many years. Two of Merin’s favourite decks were passed down to her from her mum. As a fierce Sagittarius, Merin may be quirky and a little wild, but she has also been through more than most and still stands to push forward and continue to grow. She also likes to think she’s the boss, but we all know Lisha really wears the pants in this partnership!

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Lisha didn’t delve much in to spirituality until two of her closest friends began to stretch their psychic feelers. Lisha bought her first deck of cards not long after the birth of her second son, and now that son likes to chew the boxes and hide her crystals. She is a fiercely independent mother of two boys, which we think makes her even stronger! She is the responsible one out of this duo. She keeps Merin grounded and on path (along with everyone else around her). She’s had a hard road on her journey to growth, but she has forged on and built herself into something amazing.